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Gondoliere practise

Waiting for the Carnival procession on the Canal Grande at the traghetto San Samuele we enjoyed the view of two gondolieri practising the manoeuvres they need to do the operate the traghetto. They needed to turn the boat repeatedly and

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La Festa dei Veneziani

The Venetian carnival has just started, and one of the first events is the Festa dei Veneziani, which more or less implies that the rest of the carnival is not for or of the Venetians, which is also entirely true.

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Google Canal view

Google has launched Street View for Venice, and also Canal View. In the limited space available in Venice, both on land and on water, it was hard not to notice the cameras, which were taken around the city on special

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Working the night shift

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This must have hurt – heart, wallet and maybe pride.

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Traffic on the Canal Grande

In August a German tourist died in a traffic accident at the Rialto Bridge, and there has since been much talk about what to do. This video show what have changed since the accident. That is, nothing. 8:47 am –

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Regata Storica 2013 – the calm between the races

Maybe one of the best things about the Regata Storica is that practically no motorboats are allowed. The Canalazzo returns to some of its original splendor, full of slow and elegant movement, blurred reflections and magical light.

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Regata Storica 2013 – men’s race in gondolini

The main event of the Regata Storica is no doubt the men’s race in gondolini, which are very slender gondolas designed especially for racing. The race has for years been a two team match, between the cousins Rudy and Igor

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Regata Storica 2013 – race in caorline

A caorlina is a traditional Venetian cargo boat. Originally they were rowed by two persons, but now they’re almost exclusively used for racing, with six oarsmen. Even if they’re big and heavy, with six rowers they’re still fast.

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Regata Storica 2013 – women in mascarete

The main race for women during the Regata Storica is fought in mascarete, which is medium sized sandolo traditionally associated with female rowers. In the last years the race in mascarete had been dominate by the couple Luisella Schiavon and

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