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No Grandi Navi

On May 9th there was a fairly large demonstration in Venice against the passage of the cruise ships in the lagoon. We went and took some photos.

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Contorted Venice

In the 1960s a deep canal was dug across the Venetian lagoon to give access to bigger ships to the commercial harbour at Marghera, and since then Venice has been flooded by ever more frequent and ever higher tides. To

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Killing Venice Slowly

The Italian government has decided to dig a new deep canal through the Venetian lagoon to give the next generation of cruise ships, even bigger then the current ones, a passage to Venice. Please consider signing the online petition against

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Why Venice Residents Say “No” to Big Ships in The Lagoon | Italy Magazine

This article covers most of what I tried to write in my previous post. http://www.italymagazine.com/featured-story/why-venice-residents-say-no-big-ships-lagoon

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Cruise invasion of Venice

This weekend some 28 cruise ships and ferries will arrive in Venice. On Sunday alone, 12 cruise ships will arrive, of which 8 are huge, all in all carrying over 40.000 passengers. This might all be good. After all, 40.000

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