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Winter in Venice

Winter light is different, even if the weather isn’t very wintery here in Venice now. These photos are from a tour on December 27th around the city.

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Long time, no racks

Venice Kayak has now operated for eight seasons, and to celebrate that we have finally made some racks for the kayaks. For the first time ever we haven’t got any kayaks lying around on the ground. The three boats below

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Venice about to ban kayaks in the city

Ever since the fatal accident in August 2013 there has been a lot of debates about what to do to make boat traffic safer in Venice. There has been little change in the year and a half since the accident.

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Early May in Venice

A few photos from a recent paddle through Venice.

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Valley Pintail – the very last

In July I was on a brief visit to Canada and Michigan where I participated in the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium. On one of the tours I was on there was a beautiful three-part almost golden Valley Pintail, and

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Sea Kayak Design

Sea Kayak Design is an Italian kayak brand, well designed and well built. Venice Kayak has three of them, one of each of the original three models. The one on the photos is the 16ft model.

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Skim Kayaks suspends production

I’ve just received a message, in Swedish, from Skim Kayaks stating that they’re suspending production and sales because they’re having problems making ends meet  economically. Its sad because the boats are fantastic. I have paddled a Skim Distance around Sardinia,

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Skim Dipper

I just noticed that Skim Kayaks have a new model out, the Skim Dipper. They haven’t put up much information about it yet, except that it is 536cm long (17ft 7in) and 51.5cm wide (20.3in). There are some photos linked

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Nigel Foster’s Whiskey 16

Venice Kayak has taken delivery of one of the very first of Nigel Foster‘s new design, the Point 65° Whiskey 16. Nigel Foster himself took it for its virgin paddle in the lagoon at Bibione. There are more photos of

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The Most Beautiful Kayak in the World

Today I unwrapped the most beautiful kayak in the world. It is a Rockpool Menai 18 and Mike Webb has outdone himself. Many Rockpool kayaks are spectacular, but none is as beautiful as mine 🙂 I ordered the Menai 18

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