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Almost had an accident

I almost had a nasty accident on my travel by motorcycle from Venice back to Copenhagen, and somebody definitely had one. I left Venice just after noon on Thursday, and decided to drive through the night to get as far

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Arrived in Cardedu

I arrived in Cardedu in the afternoon on Saturday, and I was hardly in the door at Francesco’s before he declared that we were going fishing in kayak that afternoon. It is like that at Francesco’s house. It is very

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Tour of Sweden

I’ve spend most of the last days roaming parts of southern and central Sweden. All in all I did some 1500 km in three days, but only managed to keep two of my three appointments. On Wednesday I drove from

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Never ending misfortune

The list of misfortunes during my journey in Italy last year keeps growing, even more than a month after my return to Denmark. Today a Danish police officer called me at home to ask if I had been driving in

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Back in Denmark

I’m back in Denmark now. I started Thursday morning from the motel north of Würzburg, with frost on the motorcycle. Fortunately, it started promptly, but it was a cold start of the day. When I started the thermometer on the

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Cold and slow

I’m on my way back to Denmark. I started Monday from Rome and made it to Venice, where I had to wait for the next day to pick up my bag, and send a few things back to Palermo. Tuesday

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Homeward bound

I’m on my way north now. I left Palermo Sunday evening with the ferry to Naples, from where I went by motorbike to Rome. The crossing was eventless, the ferry mostly empty. The ferry arrived in Naples early, around 6:30,

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Expensive motorcycle

So, now the process of importing my old motorcycle from Italy is almost over. I’ve paid the import taxes, which were more than I originally paid for the motorcycle in Italy, I have the Danish licence plate and insurance, so

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