Nokia N800 firmware upgrade 3.2007.10-7

Nokia released a new firmware for the N800 tablets, and I flashed mine yesterday. It was by far the easiest upgrade ever.
I took a backup first and stored it on the internal flash card, and flashed the unit as per the instructions. One of the first questions asked was if I wanted a backup restored and I picked the backup made just before the flash.
The backup restored my gconf settings, and all the application repositories I had added, so while the non-standard applications weren’t restored automatically, all it took was to go to the Application Manager and install the ones I wanted. Applications that use gconf for user preferences had their preferences set already so I had to do nothing. For example, the FM radio applet had all the same stations as before the upgrade.

One response

  1. It’d be really nice if applications could be installed on the external card. I have a 770, and the internal card is nearly always almost full. I keep no data there, just applications. My 2 GB MMC card has not yet gotten half full. What i’d like is a real ext3 filesystem on the external card. Now that i have a WiFi router on my main linux box, i don’t use the USB connection, ever. So, it’d be nice to have the USB port in host mode, so i could, for example, mount a 160 GB external hard disk. I’ve heard that these things can be done, but have not yet investigated them myself. I’m running the OS2006 load.