Firefox 3 rendering problem with bg image

I have a handful of site which are built on WordPress with a modified default theme. Recently, without any changes to the sites, they have started to display differently. The problem also appears if I switch to the default theme unmodified and on other wordpress site which use the default theme.
I believe the changed happened when firefox 3 was installed on my Debian Linux system.
As far as I can see, the background image, which has a “repeat-y” property in the theme stylesheet, is displayed misaligned along the x-axis and it is repeated too on the x-axis. The image seems to be anchored at the left side of the window, not to the left side of the div it is attached to.
I have tried tweaking the stylesheet in many ways, to no avail.
Weird as it may seem, Firefox 3 also displays the page correctly if I zoom in or out. The rendering problem only appears at default zoom level.
I have no MSIE available where I am now, but webkit and Opera displays the page correctly.
I have not yet filed a bug, as I’m still trying to understand what is happening. It’s probably already in bugzilla, even if I haven’t found anything.
Here’s a screenshot of the problem, and another zoomed in a bit, without the problem. Both are made with Firefox 3.0.1 on Debian testing.

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