General Sillyness



I haven’t updated this blog for ages, too much work generally, which naturally gives me no right to complain. To compensate I have picked a one or two photos from each month of 2012, showing a bit of what I’ve been doing this past year. […]

Confirmed: He Who Sits the Most Dies the Soonest

I imagined that spending half my life kayaking would be good for my health, and then this news appears: maybe its time to look more into stand up paddling, or rather, given my current residence, Venetian rowing.

Cat and mouse

What does a cat do with a mouse?

Stupid things you do …

Every once in a while you do something silly, only discover afterwards that your “good fun” could have had other consequences. In November last year there was an alert for a high tide in Venice. Nothing extreme, a forecast of 115cm which will flood mayby […]

Jet ski are illegal in Venice

Unless you’re in the police 🙂

The local parking lot

On the Certosa island, car free but with kayaks.

Cool Dog

Hanging out on the beach with the chicks, sporting a pair of Raybans for that cool, in control look.