General Sillyness

Marry Christmas

Merry Christmas. Paddle safe.

Rolling Santa

Filmed at Escape Kajak Center in Göteborg, Sweden.

The Beagle Boogie

What’s this silly dog doing? There’s a clue in each photo. Knowing beagles’ general interests in life does help 🙂

Small Home Office Disturbance

As I’m sitting here at Bar Maleti on the Gran Viale of the Lido di Venezia, the place is suddenly invaded. The two little ladies with their newspapers and espresso didn’t create much of a fuss, but the wedding party with photographer and everything did […]

News Update

Wendy Killoran said to buy Greek Island Insistent rumors will that noted Canadian sea kayaker Wendy Killoran has obtained sponsorship for buying a Greek island as a future base for further kayak exploration of the Greek seas. The island appears to be St. George’s Island […]

Saltholm, Seals and Sea Lanes

A few weeks ago we got our Reed Paddle Suits, and we had to try them immediately. The weather was nice and calm – there wasn’t a wind blowing and wave height were to be measured in centimeters – so we decided to skip over […]