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  • Linux on Asus M2400N laptops

    I bought an Asus M2400N laptop when my old Asus L8400C died a horrible death. Werner Heuser, the creator of, also runs where he sells laptops with Linux preinstalled. Needing a replacement machine in a hurry I ordered an Asus M2400 with Debian pre-installed, and I had it delivered ready to use in […]

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  • Linux on Asus L8400 laptops

    Linux on Asus L8400 laptops

    There are no major problems in running Linux on Asus L8400 laptops. The Asus L8400B and L8400C laptops are sold both under the Asus brand and under other names. I have personally installed Debian potato (2.2r3) and woody (3.0) on a L8400C with very few problems. I have no reason to believe other distributions shouldn’t […]

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  • Linux on Olivetti Echos laptops

    Linux on Olivetti Echos laptops

    Bottom Line The basic news is that Linux works on Olivetti Echos and Echos Pro laptops. The OS works, LILO works, the peripherals work. XFree86 3.3 works well with the Chips&Technologies chipset of the Echos series, and but supposedly not with the Cirrus Logic chipset of the Echos Pro series (driver stated as supported, but […]

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  • LaTeX indexing macros

    I have written some macros to help me index my writings in a consistent way. They are not polished or in the form of a proper distribution, but I have used them with succes myself. I have not, however, used these macros for several years, so I cannot necessarily help much with problems. There is […]

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