Backlinks Taxonomy WordPress plugin

Screenshot of the Backlinks Counter filter menu in Wordpress.

Backlinks Taxonomy is a minimalist backlink tracker for WordPress sites using taxonomies.


This plugin keeps track of backlinks and backlink counts for posts and pages using taxonomies.

The plugin maintains a taxonomy of which posts links to which. The taxonomy is mostly invisible, but it is available for use with the Query Loop block. This way we can create dynamic “What links here” blocks.

The plugin updates the backlink taxonomy automatically whenever you publish, schedule or later update a post.

The names of all the terms in the backlink taxonomy follow the scheme ‘pNNNN’ where NNNN is the id of a post, and they represent the posts that link there.

A backlink_count taxonomy keeps track of how many backlinks each post has. The backlink_count taxonomy is available as a filter on the admin post lists, as to easily identify posts with few backlinks.

The plugin adds a WP-CLI command ‘backlinks’ with sub-commands for rescanning posts (all or specified), getting overall status, showing links to and from a single post, and for generating additional link suggestions based on categories and tags.

There is currently no settings page.

The only option is ‘backlinks_post_types’ which should be a comma separated list of post-types. The default is ‘post,page’.


The plugin can be installed as any other plugin.

It requires not external setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 0.10
    First published version.

Upgrade Notice

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Screenshot of the Backlinks Counter filter menu in WordPress.


The only visible parts of this plugin is the taxonomy in the Query Loop block parameters, and the backlink count filter menu on the admin post list.