René in the Grande Canal at Christmas
History Walks in Venice - Lazzaretto Nuovo

History Walks Venice

History walks and boating tours with a historical theme.

History Walks Venice

Venice Street Photography

This is my personal photography web site.

Venice Street Photography

Several groups of people on a bridge before the Redentore Feast fireworks

Old projects

These are projects or activities I have either finished or abandoned, or both.

Kayaking in Venice

Venice Kayak

Venice Kayak is a small company offering kayaking tours in Venice, Italy.

Photo Walks Venice

Photo walks with local guides to help you discover the Venice behind the tourist façade.

Photo walks in Venice
Be Venetian rowing lesson

Be Venetian

Ever wanted to try to row a real gondola? It’s not easy, but give it a try anyway.

Sardinia 2007-8

In October 2007 and May 2008 I circumnavigated the island of Sardinia, a journey of about 1000km.

It didn’t quite go as planned, but in the end I made it all way around the island.

René in the Golfo d'Orosei

Family tree

I’m trying to build a family tree of my extended family, and the results are here in as PDFs, in various versions.

The Sicilian Mafia

This is my Master’s thesis in History from the University of Copenhagen, published in Danish in 1995, and in English in 1998.