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“Interesting” photos

Flickr.com has a way of assigning “interestingness” to photos. I’m not quite sure how they do it. The algorithm probably includes the number of views, number of times it is marked a favourite and the number of comments, and it seems, also who views, marks […]

Photos from Sardinia

I have uploaded a bunch of photos from the last leg of my circumnavigation of Sardinia to Flickr. I have taken a lot fewer photos this time, and they’re not as good as last year. With regard to photographing it does make a huge difference […]

Photos from Venice on Flickr

I’m trying to upload some photos from Venice on Flickr, though I have intermittent internet access here on the Lido.

Escape Kayak Centre, Göteborg

After the Stockenträffen in Orust, Sweden, Wendy and I went to Göteborg with Sara and Johan from Escape Kayak Centre. Wendy has agreed to do her Newfoundland presentation at Escape on Tuesday evening, so we had two whole days there. Dubside who had been touring […]


Wendy and I are just back from the annual Stockenträffen in Sweden. We went there on Thursday afternoon with Freya Hoffmeister in her huge van. The weather forecast had promised force 5-6 winds and regular showers, but fortunately we only got the former. We had […]

Kayaking in Venice, Italy

September 10 to 16, 2007

If you have ever dreamt of paddling under the Rialto Bridge, in front of St. Marks Square and the Doge’s Palace or under the Bridge of Sighs, then this is your chance.

Kajakhotellet.dk organises a week long trip in kayak in Venice, Italy and surroundings. Venice, the city of love, is built on 117 islands with a plethora of large and small waterways, gondolas and historic sights. This trip offers a unique possibility to visit Venice the way it was intended from the very beginnings, from the water. Come along, get a break from the usual excursions, and be a part of an entirely different kind of kayaking experience.

We’ll stay in a camping on the Lido, about 30 minutes paddling from central Venice, and within easy paddling distance from both the northern lagoon with many small enchanting islands, and the southern lagoon with several bird sanctuaries.

The price is 4,495 Danish kr., which is approx. US $835 or €605, payable by all major credit cards on http://www.kayakhotellet.dk/.

The checkout process is currently in Danish only. If that is a problem, please contact Kajakhotellet at info@kajakhotellet.dk or telephone +45 3615 1610 (open10-19 CET). They will take the order there and give instructions about how to pay.

The trip includes transportation from the airport, seven nights in the camping, rental kayak, paddle, jacket, PFD, spraydeck for the entire week, a welcome dinner, English speaking coaches and both English and Italian speaking guides. The packages does not include airfare to and from Venice nor food.

Participants should bring: tent and other necessary camping equipment, and inner layers of paddling clothing.

Duration: 6 dage
Skills: BCU 1* paddler, i.e., basic paddling skills.

Further information: info@kajakhotellet.dk

About Kajakhotellet: Kajakhotellet.dk is one of the major Danish kayak shops end training centres, located on the public beach park of Copenhagen. Besides kayak courses and excursions, Kayakhotellet.dk also organises kayak related vacations such as this trip.

We have many photos from our preparation trip Venice at Flickr, and a video recorded from one of the kayaks in the city.

Kayaking in Venice

In June I spent a week paddling with a friend in Venice and the lagoon. The boats were on loan from a Venetian friend. As far as I know, there are no places in Venice where you can rent sea kayaks. My friend didn’t know […]

Saltholm, Flakfortet and the Wind Turbines

Today’s paddle took me a bit around the strait of Øresund. I started at the shop, Kajakhotellet.dk, and first I just planned to do on of the usual tours in the vicinity, but the sea was so calm and the sun was shining from a […]

Rockpool’s Menai 18

Yesterday I went back to Varberg in Sweden to try the Rockpool Menai 18. I had made an appointment with Sara from Escape Kajakcenter in Gothenborg, Sweden, that they would bring a Menai 18 and an Alaw Bach to Varberg for trying.

Rockpool Menai 18 on the beach at VarbergThe famous surfing beach at Varberg was just as waveless as the last time, but the kayaks were there and that’s all that mattered.

The Menai 18 is different than the Alaw and the Alaw Bach. They are more playboats while the Menai is an expedition boat. As such it is equipped differently, but it maintains much of the easy handling of the Alaw and the Alaw Bach and the overall lines are very similar.

The Menai is 18’2″ long (554cm),which is a foot more than the Alaw and Alaw Bach, but has the same overall width.

Its hull has the same hard chines at the centre, rounding off halfway towards the ends and ending in a sharp V-shape at bow and stern. The hull stays wider for longer towards the stern, giving the boat a distinctive line from the keel to the stern, as can be seen on this foto of two Alaw Bachs and a Menai 18. It also has two groves along the bottom for better tracking. The Manai comes with a skeg as default.

The cockpit of the Rockpool Menai 18The deck is somewhere in between the Alaw, which has a very high foredeck, and the Alaw Back which has a low deck both fore and aft. The Menai has a higher foredeck than the Alaw Bach but noticeably lower than the Alaw, and much of that space is due to a separate lunch box hatch (6 litres) just in front of the cockpit. In the front the Menai has two groves under the deck lines which makes it a lot easier to put in a split spare paddle, and it has a flat area in the middle for a compass.

Seat and footrest are just as in the other two Rockpool boats. When I tried the Alaw Bach, it had an almost perfect fit for me, but the Menai I tried was much loser around the hips, even though the sides had more padding than were in the Alaw Bach. Rockpool can deliver two sizes of seats. The Alaw Bach defaults to the small seat and the Menai to the large. The small seat is definitely better for me.

The Rockpool Menai 18I also had some problems with the thigh braces. It was hot and I paddled in neopren shorts, and when I pushed my legs up for a tighter grip on the boat, the sharp edges of the thigh braces would cut into my leg in a rather painful way. The braces definitely needs some foam padding, and on later inspection I noticed that the Alaw Bach I liked so much, had the braces carefully padded.

The Menai 18 paddles extremely well, just like it’s sisters.

It is very responsive to edging, turning swiftly as you move, and it can be edged to extremes I haven’t dared in any other kayak. It’ll edge further than I can twist my ageing body. The Menai will respond even to a slight edge and it will turn on a dime if you edge it until the keel is out of the water, and it’ll do that just as the Alaw and the Alaw Bach.

It tracks better than the Alaw Bach, probably due to the longer waterline and the groves in the hull, and with the skeg deployed it tracks very well, while still responding well to edging.

I paddled the Menai for a couple of hours, but in placid waters with very little wind, and unloaded. I have little doubt it’ll be great in rough waters and windy conditions, but I haven’t tried. During my test paddle of the boat I only had two small grievances: the sharp edge of the thigh brace and the too wide seat, and both can be easily remedied.

I have made up my mind now. I’ll be getting a Rockpool Menai 18.

There are more photos of the boat I paddled on Flickr, and an extremely boring but very long video of me paddling the Menai. It does show a little of how well it edges and manoeuvres. Sorry about the pale legs, but its only at the beginning.

Photos from the Symposium in Spain

I have now uploaded all my pictures from Spain. A subset of the best photos are available on Flickr. All the photos in the set are geo-tagged.