Unknown CORBA exception id: 'IDL:omg.org/CORBA/INV_OBJREF:1.0'

What a wonderful informative message.
It happened when I logged into Gnome 2.6, once for each applet in the panel. Given the clarity of the message I had no doubt the applets didn’t load. I could also see they were missing in the panel 🙂
After some searching I finally discovered the solution: log out of Gnome, remove /tmp/orbit-XXX where XXX is your username, and log in again. Problem solved.
One vote from me for intelligible error messages.


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cool. I just updated everything and my email wouldnt open– havent rebooted yet since updates.. going to try this and hopefully all is well, TIA.

bravo! im back in business. Thought I could get away with just deleting and re-logging in, but that was scary and bad.

Rebooted, and all was good. Thx again.

After an attack by angry CORBAs, I limped around looking for an antidote for this snakebite. Bang. It’s like magic, I’m back together again! Thanks, Rene! 😀

Hmm! Nice work! But I wonder why the rpm packages don’t "know" about this!!! There’d be some lousy 5 lines to add! :((
Anyway, thanks very much for the help!

Thanks Rene. Great and simple fix.
Quick question though, what is orbit-separ for anyway?

I have other similar dir, should I delete them all? (kde-separ, mcop-separ, mc-separ, ksocket-separ)

As far as I know, you should not have anything relevant in /tmp.

thanks again,

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