René Seindal

I’m Danish, from Copenhagen, but I’ve been living in Venice for over a decade, with my Venetian wife Martina and our two dogs.

My alma mater is the University of Copenhagen, from where I have an M.A. in History and Italian and a B.Sc. in computer science.  I’m also an authorised Tour Leader (accompagnatore turistico) here in Italy in Danish, English and Italian, and a reasonably able photographer.

Venice is a truly magical place, and I never get tired of it. I’ve been here for over a decade, and every day is like the first.

I have a couple of small activities here in Venice:

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  • RSS feed aggregator on WordPress using the PlanetPlanet plugin

    RSS feed aggregator on WordPress using the PlanetPlanet plugin

    Setting up an RSS feed aggregator site on WordPress is easy with the PlanetPlanet plugin – just install the plugin, and add the RSS feeds

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  • Across the river, into the trees

    Across the river, into the trees

    I spent a good deal of January and February 2021 on a movie set, but it wasn’t a very positive experience

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  • Death


    Death is always with us, even if we choose not to notice.

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  • High tide in Venice

    High tide in Venice

    On a late Tuesday evening Fabio shouldn’t even be in his trattoria, which is only ever open for lunch. Yet here he was, sitting with his face in his hands behind the counter, while the water was pouring copiously inside. The barrier he had put in the front door was of little help keeping the […]

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  • Cruise ship accident in Venice

    Cruise ship accident in Venice

    This morning a huge cruise ship, the MSC Opera, lost control in the middle of Venice city, hit the quay and a moored ship.

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  • Liberation Day in Venice

    Liberation Day in Venice

    I’ve had the great honour of being invited to the official celebration of Liberation Day in Venice by ANPI, the national association of Italian resistance fighters, to photograph their participation in the event.

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  • Penny


    Last Tuesday I placed the most difficult signature of my life on the most unwanted piece of paper ever. I signed away the life of our Penny. Penny came to us thirteen months ago. She was in a horrible condition. Months of neglect has reduced her to shadow of herself. Down to half her former […]

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  • Brexit from a distance

    Brexit from a distance

    Brexit doesn’t influence me directly, but being Danish living in Italy means my existence relies on freedom of movement. Brexit attacks that freedom.

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Hi Rene,

Oliver from Lonely Planet Traveller here – hope you’re good!

A much belated big thanks for helping us out in June – you’ve seen the video I take it? I need an address to send a hard copy of the magazine to, could you send me one?

All the best and thanks again


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