We’re on the island of Elba now. Venice Kayak had three kayaks from Sea Kayak Design delivered there quite some time ago, with the intent of picking them up there some time ago, but nothing went as planned and we only managed to get here now.

The kayaks have been in care of Gaudenzio Coltelli who runs Sea Kayak Italy on Elba for well over ten years. Gaudenzio and his partner, Anna Paula, have been so kind to house us, even with our beagle Jamil who is with us on this journey.

We arrived yesterday to Portoferraio and drove to Marciana Marina along some very curvy mountain roads. Elba looks like a handful of small mountains dropped in the sea, so there’s no plains at all here, just mountains and the sea.

Today we drove from Marciana Marina along the western coast of Elba to the little village of Cavoli, where we’re just hanging out on the very crowded beach. We were very surprised to discover that you can see Corsica from Elba. The distance is only around 50km, and since both islands are mountainous, you can see one from the other.

From the beach bar where I’m sitting right now I can see the Isola Piana some 12km away, and the fabled Island of Montecristo about 50km south.

We took one of the Sea Kayak Design boats with us, and I’m going to take it for a spin around here in an hour’s time, when the sun is less scorching. There should be a marine cave not far from here.


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