Kayak coach exam

Kayak coach exam

Back in August I took a kayak coach exam according to the Danish system. It was for the first of two levels, suitable for coaching beginners.

Its the first time I have ever taken any kind of formal assessment of my kayaking skills. I followed the coaching course last year during the summer, but never got to take the exam because it was postponed several times, until September when I was in Italy, first in Venice and later in Sardinia for the circumnavigation of that island.

The exam was scheduled several times this summer, first for late June, then for early August and until it was finally held on August 31st.

I passed the exam, both the theoretical and the practical part, but I still haven’t received any kind of documentation for the pass, which is a bit of a problem.

Everybody here in Denmark are moving from the old national system to EPP – the European Paddle Pass – so I must have my new certification translated into the new system, and that is the problem. The deadline for applying for transfer of was November 1st, but without a proper Danish coach certificate I have not been able to send in a complete application. I’ve sent in what I had, so now I’ll just have to wait for some kind of reply.

I believe the exam I have taken will be converted to an EPP2 coach award, but there seem to be some confusion about what EPP skill award will follow. I have heard that some only get an EPP2 skill award, but I believe the exam I passed is equivalent to at least EPP3. Maybe it doesn’t matter, since I haven’t been able to present a complete EPP application at the deadline.


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