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Kayaking ban – Venice Kayak?

Venice Kayak has to modify the range of tours on offer, due to the newest ban in kayaks in Venice. We can no longer do all the tours on all the days.

The municipal administration in Venice has issued yet another kayak ban in the city. Like the last time, they have done so without any kind of warning, literally from one day to the next.

While such procedures might be legally admissible, they are nonetheless morally reprehensible, leaving stakeholders with no time to prepare and adjust.

The hostility is obvious, and the city administration no doubt want to bleed us dry, knowing that we’re a small company with limited resources.

With the new rules, in force from Tuesday, June 4th, we can only paddle in Venice after 5pm on weekdays, after 3pm on Saturdays, and all of Sundays and holidays. We are forbidden 100% on the Grand Canal and a few other of the major canals in the city.

These rules are even more draconian than the rules they issued in a similar manner last year, for which we took them to court and won.

The consequences to our offer of tours in Venice city is this:

  • On week days (Mon-Fri) we can only do late afternoon tours from 3.30pm to 7pm;
  • On Saturdays we can do the normal afternoon tour from 2pm to 6pm;
  • On Sundays and holidays, we can do morning, full day and afternoon tours.

These tours can all be booked from our tour calendar.

Evening tours are still available, but it is no longer possible to go on the Grand Canal, so they’re limited to the smaller canals of Cannaregio and Castello.


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