Our gondola at its final place

Goodbye Gondola

I bought an old retired gondola from Roberto Tramontin back in 2013. We’ve had some good experienced with it, but we never got to use it as much as it deserved. It is now been retired. Goodbye Gondola!

Pulling the gondola out of the water
Pulling the gondola out of the water

With the end of my engagement in Venice Kayak, I had to remove it from the marina on the Certosa island. It is not easy finding a mooring in Venice for an almost twelve metre long boat, but I made an agreement with the good people on the Lazzaretto Nuovo to keep it there.

Unfortunately the times are not what they were, and a traditional Venetian boat moored in the lagoon is now subject to more waves and current than ever before.

Within a few months I had to realise that if the boat stayed there, I would lose it for good. It would be reduced to pieces in the winter.

The gondola on dry land
The gondola on dry land

I conferred with Gerolamo Fazzini, the primus motor of the Lazzaretto Nuovo, and we decided that it would be a good addition to the collection of old traditional boats in the museum on the island.

Last week we pulled it out of the water and moved it inside the 16th century Tezon Grande, where it now sits along the other museum boats.

Naturally it’s been sad to say goodbye to the gondola, but I’m a lot happier to see it in a museum than destroyed by the moto ondoso of the Venetian lagoon.


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  1. So sorry you have had to close Venice Kayak. We enjoyed two Volgalongas thanks to you. Thank you for a your years of service to the kayak community.

    1. René Seindal avatar
      René Seindal

      The company is still there, and going well I perceive. Some of the old guides are still there. All in all it’s not that bad.

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