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  • Nokia Nseries N810 on the way

    The discount codes are finally activated on the Danish Nokia direct shop, so I have now ordered my new N810 tablet. It should be here in a few days time. I can hardly wait 🙂

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  • Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    Nokia N800 on kayak journey

    I’m on a three month kayak journey around the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Our only computers on this trip are two N800 tablets which we use daily for email, checking weather forecasts and for blogging. They keep us connected and updated wherever we go. Our blog is at We’re bringing two N800 […]

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  • Playlists on a Nokia 6131

    Nokia has in their infinite wisdom decided to make playlists in the media player of my Nokia 6131 phone a complete mess. They claim the phone supports M3U playlists, but if you copy one to the phone using a cable or bluetooth, you just get a “Unsupported media type” message. So much for support. Playlist […]

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  • Nokia N800 firmware upgrade 3.2007.10-7

    Nokia released a new firmware for the N800 tablets, and I flashed mine yesterday. It was by far the easiest upgrade ever. I took a backup first and stored it on the internal flash card, and flashed the unit as per the instructions. One of the first questions asked was if I wanted a backup […]

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  • Nokia 770 flash problem update

    I reported here on my recent upgrade of the system on my 770. Initially I wasn’t very happy, but things are getting better, and I have found out a few things in the process.

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  • Nokia 770 flashed but not happy

    I flashed my Nokia 770 last year, with the latest image from Nokia Europe, marked 2005_51-13, but I’m not happy with it at all. There are some minor improvements, but on the downside I’m seeing many spurious crashes, on the order of ten crashes in the last day and a half, and I really didn’t […]

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  • Connecting a Nokia 6021 with a CA-42 cable and bluetooth

    I finally managed to get my phone connected to my linux boxes with Gnokii, both using a Nokia CA-42 cable and using a bluetooth dongle.

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  • Google Mail on the Nokia 770

    Google Mail on the Nokia 770

    After having given up on the email client on the Nokia 770, at least for now, I have tried Gmail as several has recommended me. I’ve used Gmail for some time since I can use it at work, and it does work very well with Opera on the tablet. Until now the only thing that […]

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  • Five reasons why I don’t read mail on the Nokia 770

    I hardly ever read my mail on the Nokia 770. I tried many times, sometimes forcing myself to do so to figure out why, but it just doesn’t work for me. The email application on the tablet simply doesn’t match the way I read my mail. Here are the reasons why.

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  • Streaming MP3s to a Nokia 770

    The Nokia 770 has little storage capacity, the largest RS-MMC cards on the market are 1Gb, and it doesn’t support networked file systems, so I cannot access my music via NFS or Samba and I can’t carry much on the system itself. Streaming was the way to go, it seemed. It proved at bit harder […]

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  • Making screenshots of the Nokia 770

    Making screenshots of the Nokia 770

    With a great toy like the Nokia 770 one wants to make screenshots. For some unknown reason there is no standard tool to do it. The third party CPU/memory applet can make screenshots, and is in itself very nice, but I had to uninstall it due to some spurious reboots I have experienced recently during […]

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  • Customisation of my Nokia 770

    Customisation of my Nokia 770

    This is mostly a check list for myself. I flashed my Nokia 770 without having a backup of my changes, so I had to redo all my customisations.

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  • Flashing the Nokia 770

    I wanted to update my Nokia 770 with the latest root image, so I flashed the device as described at Everything went well, but it did kill all the changes I had made to the system. The 770 was for all practical purposes reset to factory default. Only the memory card was unchanged. Note […]

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  • Nokia 770 crashes

    This afternoon the Nokia 770 crashed on my three or four times just after reboot. It came up, I connected to my wifi and clicked “Refresh” in the News applet. It went unresponsive and rebooted after a while. The next time I tried to connect twice and it rebooted again. After several attempts it finally […]

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  • Watching movies on the Nokia 770

    Watching movies on the Nokia 770

    I’ve been playing with video on the Nokia 770 lately, based on the information at

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  • Nokia 770 lnternet tablet

    Nokia 770 lnternet tablet

    My Nokia 770 finally arrived. lts the first time l experience Linux as a consumer product, even though l’ve been using Linux as my primary OS since 1992. The sensation is quite strange. My first impression is: WoW!! The display is incredible. Though rather small, only about 4″ it is 800 pixels wide and very […]

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  • Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (FI SE, DK) SU-18

    Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (FI SE, DK) SU-18

    Your NOKIA.COM Order Accepted I can hardly wait! There’s more about the Nokia 770 at Internet Tablet Talk and at including photos and reviews. Update 2005-11-04 16:47: Status: shipped! Update 2005-11-07 22:41: the package is still sitting “In transit” somewhere between Brussels and Copenhagen 🙁 Update 2005-11-08 14:26: Its here!!! And its great. What […]

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