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  • Paddling Planet overhaul

    Paddling Planet overhaul

    The Paddling Planet sure has been totally redone, and it is now a WordPress blog that automatically imports posts from the feeds

  • Paddling Planet update

    Paddling Planet update

    Paddling Planet has been running for over ten years now, but due to a change of server I’ve had to replace the software behind the site. The old software hasn’t been updated for years, and is by all means abandoned. After a bit of fiddling, I have managed to make things appear not entirely unlike…

  • Paddling Planet errors

    There are a lot of errors on Paddling Planet recently, mostly HTTP errors 404 (Not Found) and 409 (Conflict), but they all relate to Blogger and change all the time, so I assume the fault is at Blogger.

  • New blogs on the Paddling Planet

    I’ve been sitting on some updates for the Paddling Planet site for a while, but now they’re all in. The new ones are: Kayak Noise Marc Charron’s Blog My kayak Adventures Kollbergs Kajakblogg The Seven Settlements I’m sorry for the belated updates, but the Venetian waters have been more severely underpaddled that I had anticipated…

  • Paddling Planet

    We’ve had Paddling Planet running for over a month now, and it seems to be reasonably popular and well used. The site has about 100 visitors each day, which hopefully translates to well over 100 visits to the blogs on the planet. Few people linger on Paddling Planet, the average visit is less than 3…

  • Sea kayaking blog aggregator – Paddling Planet

    I’ve set up a web site which automatically collects news from sea kayaking related blogs through their RSS feeds.