Sea kayaking blog aggregator – Paddling Planet

I’ve set up a web site which automatically collects news from sea kayaking related blogs through their RSS feeds.

The site is at

The idea is to collect all the sea kayaking related blogs in one shared news stream so you only have to look in one place.

My hope is that it will make it easier for newcomers to the sea kayaking world to discover new kayaking blogs, and for old-timers to stay ajour with what is being written on the various blogs.

The web site is updated each hour based on the contents of the RSS feeds of the included blogs. No content is copied or stored on my server for any longer than it appears in the blogs RSS feed. The web-site also presents the blog posts in aggregated news feed in several formats.

If you like the idea I would like to ask all of you for a bit of help launching this site. Help could be:

  • posting on your blogs about it,
  • adding it to your blogroll,
  • telling other sea kayakers about it
  • or telling me of blogs to include in the subscription list.

For you as bloggers, this can be yet another way of getting your posts out to a wider audience.





19 responses to “Sea kayaking blog aggregator – Paddling Planet”

  1. René Seindal avatar

    It’ll be in the next update in 35 minutes 🙂

  2. René avatar

    Hi René,

    I would like to mention my blog about seakayaking: for your list of kayakblogs.
    The RSS-feed is:
    Kind regards

  3. Silbs avatar

    Great idea. I will add it to my page when I figure out how to do that.

  4. Axel avatar

    What a great idea!
    I am just about ready with setting-up my newly bought mini-multi-mega PDA/GPS/NAV/COM/PIC/MOV/MP3/FM/WMIE gadget. I just set up the newsfeed option. And now let the floods arrive!!!

  5. tim avatar

    Hi there,

    I think this is a great idea. I’m a blogger on life in northern Michigan, and while my blog needs some attention the majority of it regards kayaking the great lakes in the area in which I live. I’d love for my blog to be added to this list and will certainly add the list to my blog regardless.

    My site address is:


  6. René Seindal avatar

    Axel, RSS is especially nice on small devices. It is a great way of staying ajour.

    Tim, your blog is on the list now.

  7. Michael avatar

    What a surprise to see I’m already on your list! Neat idea, René. Good luck with it.

  8. kusthare avatar

    Good idea!
    “paddlingplanet” is listed on my blogg

  9. Borrasca avatar

    Good, good idea Rene.

    I see that My Blogg is in the List, Thanks.


  10. Jan Egil Kristiansen avatar

    paddlingplanet submitted to And if the latter had an RSS feed, it would be a candidate for inclusion in the aggregate. But as fas as I can see, it has no feed.

  11. bonnie avatar

    Hey Rene! Thanks for leaving the comment that led me over here! This is very neat, I can’t believe I hadn’t stopped by before.

  12. Jason avatar

    Hey Rene,
    I was wondering if you wouldnt mind adding my blog to your site, It covers all aspects of kayaking, but my main focus of the site is my up and coming expeditions around the Great Lakes. I include all of the planning details of these trips so that others can see how to put a trip together and execute it as well as use my work to run their own expeditions or day trips on the lakes (including Lake Champlain my home lake).

  13. René Seindal avatar

    Jason, I’ve added your blog.

  14. olivier avatar

    Thank you René, I saw my blog is already in your list.
    I post a news about it on my blog.


  15. Stevie McAllister avatar

    Hi Rene

    Your blog is the most important one out there as I can keep up on all the other paddling blogs.


  16. John Herbert avatar

    Hi René

    Thank you for Paddling Planet — it’s a terrific resource!

    Could you add our blog about paddling around Victoria, British Columbia, Canada?

    Many thanks!


  17. Cate avatar

    This is great!!! Just what I was looking for. I have just started a woman’s kayaking blog that you might consider adding and also a kayak blog that is about our paddling on California’s Mendocino Coast.


  18. Katharine avatar

    I think that is brilliant idea. It’s more easier for me, and to all your visitor to look for kayak related blogs. Just like you, I also love to read and search about kayaking.

    More power to you and good luck!