Sea kayaking blog aggregator

I’ve set up a web site which automatically collects news from sea kayaking related blogs through their RSS feeds.

The site is at

The idea is to collect all the sea kayaking related blogs in one shared news stream so you only have to look in one place.

My hope is that it will make it easier for newcomers to the sea kayaking world to discover new kayaking blogs, and for old-timers to stay ajour with what is being written on the various blogs.

The web site is updated each hour based on the contents of the RSS feeds of the included blogs. No content is copied or stored on my server for any longer than it appears in the blogs RSS feed. The web-site also presents the blog posts in aggregated news feed in several formats.

If you like the idea I would like to ask all of you for a bit of help launching this site. Help could be:

  • posting on your blogs about it,
  • adding it to your blogroll,
  • telling other sea kayakers about it
  • or telling me of blogs to include in the subscription list.

For you as bloggers, this can be yet another way of getting your posts out to a wider audience.

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