I love my internet connection

I have my internet connection through a community network called Bryggenet, which serves a part of Copenhagen with internet, cable and telephony services. The connection is a shared 62Mbit/s line, brought to my house through a 100Mbit/s network
25 september 2004, 09:50

$ apt-get update
Fetched 9470kB in 3s (2420kB/s)
$ apt-get dist-upgrade
Need to get 95.8MB of archives.
Fetched 95.8MB in 17s (5453kB/s)

Ups, I forgot to mention the price of this connection: $25/month, flat fee.
10 oktober 2004, 18:00

$ apt-get update
Fetched 9491kB in 3s (2499kB/s)
$ apt-get dist-upgrade
Need to get 62.4MB of archives.
Fetched 62.4MB in 13s (4625kB/s)


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  1. William Siebler avatar
    William Siebler

    Community net connections are great. I have one here in Australia as well.

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    Breast Enhancement

    Good site. Thank you!

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