The Giudecca

The Giudecca

Today’s paddle me took to the Giudecca of Venice. It used to be an industrial area with housing for working class families, there’s quite a bit of run down houses and abandoned factories and shipyards.

New houses on the south side of the Giudecca.


Older, but nice looking houses in the Giudecca.


Abandonded shipyard buildings on the Guidecca.


Overgrown factory buildings just next to the posh Hilton hotel.


And today’s surprise: I happed to find the Associazione Canottieri Giudecca by chance. It is the local paddling/rowing club. They had some very old kayaks, like the ones I saw yesterday, some newer boats but must of their effort clearly went into Voga alla Veneta, the Venetian way of rowing standing up and pushing the oar. These must be their best sports gondolas for regattas and for the Vogalunga. Unfortunately there wasn’t anybody there when I passed by.



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