Little surprises in the lagoon

Today’s paddle became rather special, for a number of reasons.

I started in the afternoon after a morning’s hard work at the internet café. Their coffee is appallingly good, but paddling need to be done.

First thing, I encountered the first paddler ever in the lagoon, except of course Marco who always complains that nobody else paddles in Venice. Apparently he’s wrong. Somebody has been rummaging in the old shed to find grandpa’s old kayak and paddle. Nice guy, though, and he enjoyed his paddle just as much as I did.

Paddler in the lagoon

The plan was to paddle to Torcello, and on the way I got entangled in a maze of little channels in the lagoon, from where I got my first close view of Torcello.

Torcello seen from the lagoon

Lo and behold, there was another paddler! The lagoon was positively swarming with paddlers today. Another grandpa boat, obviously, but he had good fun too. Its not what you have, its what you do with it that matters.

Another paddler in the lagoon

Finally I arrived at Torcello, unfortunately too late to enter and see the church inside. That’ll be another time.

Torcello close up

The island of Torcello also has it’s little pretty corners.

Detail from Torcello

Passing Burano on my way back, it once again surprised me with its multitude of colours. Every house is different, every corner turned is a new experience.

Burano always surprises

Yet another little display of vivid colour at Burano. This corner is near the main square of the village.

More Burano colours

On my way back, as I’m starting to hurry not to be caught by darkness, I paddled into the most astonishing sunset. The low sun over the placid waters in the lagoon was spectacular.

Lagoon sunset

Another sunset shot, taken on the east coast of the island of Sant’Erasmo.

More lagoon sunset

I managed to get back to the Lido just after sunset so I didn’t have to cross the busy entrance of the lagoon in darkness.

Most embarrassingly, when I returned to the bridge in front of the camping, I slipped on the steps and fell in the water, just in front of a local fisherman. He helped me up and asked politely if it was the first time I fell in the water that day 🙂


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  1. Beautiful photos! Now I wish to paddle in Venice too!

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