Capo Comino - the easternmost tip of Sardinia

Around the eastern corner

I guess we’ve only been pizza blogging recently, so today we had sandwiches 🙂

Thursday morning we woke up in Cala Gonone to a dark sky. We were ready to go but up north it was thundering, just where we were supposed to go. We made everything ready and went for a cappuccino. It started raining, another cappuccino passed our way, and at around 11 the rain almost stopped, the thunder ceased and we went paddling.

Cave on the coast

It was a very quiet paddle up the coast. We passed some beautiful rocks and huge caves. We had lunch north of Marina di Orosei, frozen pizza, but as we continued the NE wind increased and so did the waves, so when we arrived at the beach of Cala Liberetto, we decided to call it a day.

It was quite a busy beach, and as there appeared to be a huge camping just behind the dunes, we decided to do the bivy thing, sleeping on top of the tarp just in case. Good thing too. About 5 in the morning it started to rain, and we scrambled under the tarp, but it was rather uncomfortable so we soon decided to get up.

It was a very cold and wet morning, but we had some breakfast, packed the boats and set off into the great unknown.

Capo Comino

Fortunately for us it became a nice warm and sunny day. Before noon we rounded the Capo Comino, the easternmost point of our journey up the Sardinian east coast. There we stopped for a couple of hours to dry all our wet gear and recharge gps, batteries and phone with our Brunton solar panels.

In the afternoon we ran into the normal afternoon NE winds and waves, which slowed us down, and at 5 in the afternoon we landed on the beach of Sant’Anna near Budoni, circa 20 km south of Isola Tavolara.

Snacks on the beach

We had our sandwiches at the local beach bar, Bar Sa Capannizza, where Wendy once again indulged in her latest addiction: the Sardinian beer Ichnusa.

Tomorrow we will paddle to Isola Tavolara for lunch and then hopefully get past Olbia in the afternoon. Sunday looks like a very windy day, so we haven’t quite made our minds up about that. We should be up at the northern tip of Sardinia within a few days, though.


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