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  • Ocean Paddler article on Sardinia

    Ocean Paddler article on Sardinia

    Ocean Paddler Magazine, issue 16, has an article on paddling in Sardinia by yours truly.

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  • Adventure Kayak editorial

    Adventure Kayak editorial

    Tim Shuff has an editorial titled “Apologies to Everyone I’ve Ever Left in my Wake” in the summer 2008 issue of Adventure Kayak magazine, where he discusses the problem of mock waiting when paddling, based in part on my account of the things that went wrong in Sardinia in October last year between Wendy Killoran […]

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  • Parcel update III

    Parcel update III

    So, the miracle has happened. The parcel sent from Barisardo in Sardinia in October last year has finally been delivered to my in-laws in Palermo, after over eight months in postal limbo. From what I hear, the content was rather smelly, so the washing machine has been working in overdrive since the parcel’s arrival. It’ll […]

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  • Parcel update II

    Parcel update II

    During the first leg of the Sardinia circumnavigation I sent a parcel with excess equipment from Bari Sardo in Sardinia to a friend in Palermo. The parcel wasn’t picked up in time at the post office in Palermo, and while everybody assured me it would be returned to my address in Denmark, it wasn’t. It […]

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  • Photos from Sardinia

    Photos from Sardinia

    All the photos from the entire journey in Sardinia

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  • Cagliari


    From Chia to Cagliari

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  • Chia


    From Sant’Antioco around Capo Teulado to Chia, 53km.

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  • Sant’Antioco day two

    Sant’Antioco day two

    Rest day in Sant’Antioco

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  • Sant’Antioco


    From Buggerru to Sant’Antioco

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  • Buggerru


    From Marina di Arbus to Buggerru today, rounding Capo Pecora, 25km

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  • Marina di Arbus, day two

    Marina di Arbus, day two

    No paddling due to large surf – base in Marina di Arbus

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  • Marina di Arbus

    Marina di Arbus

    From San Giovanni di Sinis across the mouth of the Golfo di Oristano to Capo Frasca.

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  • San Giovanni di Sinis

    San Giovanni di Sinis

    From Is Arenas beach around Capo Mannu first to Putzu Idu, and then on to San Giovanni di Sinis at the entrance to the Gulf of Oristano.

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  • Is Arenas

    Is Arenas

    Porto Alabe, just south of Bosa, to the beach Is Arenas, between S. Caterina Pittinuri and Capo Mannu, 23km

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  • Bosa


    Today has been a calm and hot day and I have made good progress for a second day. I’ve paddled from Cala della Speranze to Porto Alabe (5km S of Bosa) with a short detour up the river to Bosa, about 39km in all. I launched early (for my standards at least) at 8.30 to […]

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  • Finally


    (Entry written yesterday evening but not posted due to lack of mobile connectivity) Today I finally got started. I’ve made it a short day, for various reasons, so I’ve just paddled 15.5km from Fertilia to Cala della Speranza. Tomorrow I will try to get to Bosa Marina. This morning couldn’t have been more different from […]

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  • Deluge


    The forecast said thunderstorms in the night and morning, and thunderstorms we got. The first came at 4 in the morning, and gave me a good idea about why some people find thunder scary. It was just overhead, lightning almost continually while a constant thunder rolled back and forth over the sky. After the thunder […]

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  • Sometimes you have to go back to go forth

    Sometimes you have to go back to go forth

    I’m back in Fertilia today, almost ready to continue the journey around Sardinia. Francesco drove me and my gear from Cardedu to Fertilia this afternoon, and I am now well installed in a camping a few hundred metres from where I stopped last year. The local weather forecast promises a thunderstorm tonight or in the […]

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  • Returning to Sardinia

    Returning to Sardinia

    I have now booked the ferry to Sardinia for the last leg of my circumnavigation of the island. In a few days time I will push the Skim Distance back in the water exactly where I pulled it up last year, and finish what I set out to do last year. On Friday I’m off […]

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  • Photo from Sardinia in Kokata Ad

    Photo from Sardinia in Kokata Ad

    Kokatat will be using a photograph I took in Sardinia last year in an ad in the May issues of Paddler Magazine and Wavelength Magazine. The photograph is taken in the morning as we were rounding the granite formations of Capo Testa. Kokatat sponsored us with Knapsters, Storm Cags, Anoraks, life vest, Seawesters, and hydration […]

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