Sardinia 2007/8

Ocean Paddler article on Sardinia

Ocean Paddler Magazine, issue 16, has an article on paddling in Sardinia by yours truly.

Adventure Kayak editorial

Tim Shuff has an editorial titled “Apologies to Everyone I’ve Ever Left in my Wake” in the summer 2008 issue of Adventure Kayak magazine, where he discusses the problem of mock waiting when paddling, based in part on my account of the things that went […]

Parcel update III

So, the miracle has happened. The parcel sent from Barisardo in Sardinia in October last year has finally been delivered to my in-laws in Palermo, after over eight months in postal limbo. From what I hear, the content was rather smelly, so the washing machine […]

Parcel update II

During the first leg of the Sardinia circumnavigation I sent a parcel with excess equipment from Bari Sardo in Sardinia to a friend in Palermo. The parcel wasn’t picked up in time at the post office in Palermo, and while everybody assured me it would […]

Photos from Sardinia

I have uploaded a bunch of photos from the last leg of my circumnavigation of Sardinia to Flickr. I have taken a lot fewer photos this time, and they’re not as good as last year. With regard to photographing it does make a huge difference […]


Yesterday I arrived at Cagliari at around 18H. For practical reasons I didn’t return to the exact place of launch, but I crossed the course we followed last year, so now I can say I’ve been all the way around Sardinia in kayak. I started […]


I’ve done quite well today, I think. I’m in Chia, having rounded Punto Cala di Piombo, Capo Teulada, Capo Malfatato e Capo Spartivento. In all I’ve done 53km in about 8 hours. My primary task today was to round Capo Teulada with the military shooting […]

Sant’Antioco day two

I will remain here in Sant’Antioco for today. The forecast for today is for force 5-6 NW winds, the maestrale the west coast of Sardinia is so famous for, with waves of 2.5m. I would be mostly sheltered from the waves by Sant’Antioco, but the […]


Today’s paddle took me from Buggerru to Sant’Antioco. Its been a fairly calm day, but rather gray. The sky has been covered in dark clouds, and I have had a good bit of light rain. Wind and waves has been exactly like forecast, with the […]


I’ve paddled from Marina di Arbus to Buggerru today, rounding Capo Pecora. Its only 25km but I found it demanding enough. The waves on the beach at Marina di Arbus were smaller than yesterday, but not by much. During the night the water had left […]