Windbound again

We’ve had a very short but active day on the water. We started from Vignola Mare at about nine, in moderate weather conditions. We had a good NE wind, around F4, and some following waves of 1-1½m. We had a fun ride down the coast, with tailwind and following waves, but after an hour and a half the waves were occasionally up to some 3-4m, sometimes breaking over our heads, and the wind was now more like a F6.

We found a fairly sheltered landing spot a Costa Paradiso, which is little more than two hotels, a couple of scuba diving centres and about a million tourist houses scattered up the hillsides. There’s no beach, but we landed on a concrete ramp used by the motorboats of the scuba centres.

We risk being stuck here for several days if the wind doesn’t wind down, but at least one of the hotels has a nice bar and restaurant where we can hang out, drinking cappuccinoes and blogging.


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