Going back to Sardinia

I’m heading back to Sardinia soon. My wife Valentina and I will spend the Easter holiday with my in-laws in Palermo, and immediately afterwards we’ll be on the ferry to Sardinia. We’ll spend almost a week with my good friend Francesco Muntoni in the Ogliastra region on the east coast of Sardinia. Valentina then returns to Denmark and I’ll start thinking about finishing my circumnavigation of the island.

I feel so incredibly lucky going back. The Golfo di Orosei is the most beautiful place I have ever paddled, and it’s going to be fantastic returning there.

Francesco Muntoni knows the area and he is going to be a brilliant guide, just like he has been to so many others. He runs Cardedu Kayak which organises guided tours in the area, including multi day trips with camping in the natural reserves in the area.

The photo is taken by Francesco’s wife when we first met him by chance on the water in early October. From left to right: Wendy, myself, Francesco and his son.


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