Just out of the harbour of Cagliari

April in Sardinia

Sardinia 2008

I’m preparing the last leg of my circumnavigation of Sardinia, which I plan to do in April. The route is about 320km (circa 200 miles) from Fertilia down the western coast of Sardinia to Cagliari. I still don’t know if I’ll do this trip in early April or late April, as I have other affairs in Italy to attend to too, such as starting a kayak company in Venice.

I’ve been looking at weather statistics, and it doesn’t really look that bad, at least not if the Sardinian weather this April behaves like it has in past Aprils.

Temperatures should be between 10° C and 15° C, and the water temperature 14°-16° C. The water will be warmer than the air most of the time.

Wind should be mostly W to NW and mostly in the range F2-F4, but on the average there’ll be 5-6 days during the month with F5 winds or stronger. There’s a 5% risk of having a day with winds of F7 or more. This trip will be the first time I paddle alone for longer distances, so I will probably be rather cautious and not venture out if the winds are F5 or stronger.

Waves should be around 1.5m the first 3 weeks of April, mostly E and with little variation throughout the day and night. This is not worse that what I have tried before, but I will probably get some surf landings unless I can find sheltered beaches. In late April the waves should fall a bit, to 0.8m-1.0m, with some variation during the day and the direction will be mostly ENE.

I’m already all eager to go, but there’s still some time 🙂


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