Sometimes you have to go back to go forth

I’m back in Fertilia today, almost ready to continue the journey around Sardinia.

Francesco drove me and my gear from Cardedu to Fertilia this afternoon, and I am now well installed in a camping a few hundred metres from where I stopped last year.

The local weather forecast promises a thunderstorm tonight or in the early morning, so I will sit that out here, and then launch as soon as the weather behaves again, which should be tomorrow afternoon or the day after tomorrow at worst. Afterwards I should have at least two reasonably good days to get started on.


2 responses to “Sometimes you have to go back to go forth”

  1. Simon Willis avatar
    Simon Willis

    Good luck this time around!

    If you get the chance to travel inland, I fondly remember the superb meals at Su Gologone and the street art in Orgosolo.

    Best wishes and keep blogging.

  2. René Seindal avatar
    René Seindal

    Thanks, Simon. I haven’t been to Orgosolo yet, but I will get there. the inland parts of Sardinia are at least as interesting as the coastline.

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