Berlusconi compliments Obama on his “tan”

The election of Obama in the USA hasn’t gone down so well within the Italian government. Prime minister Berlusconi literally adored Bush, and apparently aren’t able to hide his disappointment with the election of Obama.

While on an official visit in Moscow, Berlusconi answered a question about the election of Obama with a “Barack Obama? Young, handsome and well tanned”. He then offered Obama “advise” based on his “ancianity”.

When confronted Berlusconi said that it was “a compliment and absolutely a sweet thing towards him”. He also complained that people have no sense of humour: “If they have no sense of humour it means the idiots have invaded the pitch and they should just go home …”.

One of the fascist members of Berlusconi’s government, Maurizio Gasparri, said after the elections that now “Al Quada would be content”.

Berlusconi, prima gaffe su Obama “E’ giovane, bello e abbronzato” – esteri –

The Guardian also runs the story: Obama is young, handsome and tanned, says Silvio Berlusconi.

On BBC: Berlusconi defends Obama’s ‘tan’.


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