Pied a terre - sign

Pied a terre – Venetian style

One day as I was paddling through some of the smaller canals in the sestiere S.Marco, close to the Fenice, I spotted this little sign in a window directly on the canal:

Pied a terre - sign

The sign reads: “Pied a terre of 50 mq, completely restored with high quality details”.

Even though I was looking for a place to live at the time, it probably wasn’t just that pied a terre I was looking for 🙂

Pied a terra

Pied a terre or pied dans l’eau ?

The spot is on the Rio de Verona on a little used stretch between the Fenice and the Rio Malatin / Rio Sant’Angelo.


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  1. carrie medina avatar
    carrie medina

    Awesome! Need a roommate?

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