Redentore 2011

Redentore 2011

The Redentore Feast is one of the major annual celebrations in Venice, and one with a massive local participation. It takes place on the third Sunday of July, and on the evening before there is a huge display of fireworks just before midnight. It usually last around 45 minutes.

I went there with a bunch of friends in an old verigola belonging to the Arcobaleno association, and we got a place in front row, just in front of the Punta della Dogana, with only a few gondolas and sandolos in front of us, which proved a very nice spot for getting some photos of the fireworks.

More photos after the fold ..


2 responses to “Redentore 2011”

  1. Tamas Feher avatar
    Tamas Feher

    Incredible photography! Amazing. And scary. The trajectories appear so close!

    (This year the height of the bombards was reduced to limit shockwave exposure to the historic buildings, so this is probably the Redentore firework that was closest to the people, ever. I wonder if I would have freaked out on-site?)

  2. René Seindal avatar
    René Seindal

    Hi Tamas,

    I think we were some 50m from the closest platform, and between 100-150m from the others. It wasn’t scary.

    Last year we had ash from the fireworks raining down on our heads 🙂

    Thanks for the praise.


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