Regata Storica 2013 - women in mascarete

Regata Storica 2013 – women in mascarete

The main race for women during the Regata Storica is fought in mascarete, which is medium sized sandolo traditionally associated with female rowers.

In the last years the race in mascarete had been dominate by the couple Luisella Schiavon and Giorgia Ragazzi. With this year’s victory they have won five Regata Storica in a row, this earning the title of regine del remo, or queens of the oar.

They should have been presented with a wreath of laurel for this achievement, but nobody had thought of bringing one. As far as I could hear, their victory wasn’t even announced by the commentator, which just goes to show in how little regard this only race for women is held by the organisators.


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