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Post a video on Facebook with some music in it, and they’ll remove it due to “Intellectual Property” concerns.

I’ve found some classical music that’s free to use in videos, actively put in the Public Domain by the artists, and Facebook will complain anyway. There’s even a not so subtle threat in there:


We have removed your video entitled "Martina che voga nell'Arsenale" uploaded at 4:21am January 27th, 2014. This video may include copyrighted material (such as a clip or audio) that you do not have the right to share.

If you think your video should not have been removed because:
(1) you are the copyright owner, or
(2) you have permission from the copyright owner to upload and distribute this material on Facebook or
(3) you otherwise believe you are legally entitled to upload and distribute this material on Facebook

you may visit the link below to video an appeal requesting that it be reinstated:

If you do not want to appeal, there is no need to take any action. Please be careful about videos you upload in the future. If they are identified as possibly containing copyright infringing material, they may also be removed. This could result in us temporarily or permanently blocking your ability to upload videos, or permanently disabling your account.

For more information about copyright and other intellectual property matters concerning content uploaded to Facebook, please visit the Intellectual Property section of our Help Center:

The Facebook team

The music I used was a recording of the Sonata no. 8 by Beethoven, performed by Daniel Veesey who has placed it under a Creative Commons public domain license.

The video is also here if anybody cares.


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