Fascist gondola in Venice

A Pathetic Human Being

Fascism is by definition authoritarian.
Fascism is by definition violent.
Fascism by definition oppresses dissent.

Roberto Siebessi is a self declared fascist. He doesn’t hide his beliefs.

Fascist salute on Facebook

He is also a gondoliere in Venice, who thought it a good idea to decorate his gondola in this way.

He is also a pathetic cry-baby.

When the photo above made the rounds on social media, the local press, and then the national press, picked it up. The backlash was immediate, and justly so.

This pathetic example of a human being supports a type of regime that would beat up, torture, imprison, exile and kill opponents, and yet he can’t handle the public reaction to his “joke”.

His response? “I’m sorry”, “it was a stupid joke”, and “I’ve even been threatened”.

Well, fascism is no joke for the ones on the receiving end.

His “joke” had little to no real consequence for him, if not a few days suspension by his colleagues.

If he had made a similar “joke” in opposition to a fascist regime, the consequences would have been swift and violent.

Yet he can enjoy the freedom of belief and freedom of expression that he himself would happily deny others.

Symbol of the Decima Mas


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