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  • RSS feed aggregator on WordPress using the PlanetPlanet plugin

    RSS feed aggregator on WordPress using the PlanetPlanet plugin

    Setting up an RSS feed aggregator site on WordPress is easy with the PlanetPlanet plugin – just install the plugin, and add the RSS feeds

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  • WordPress image sizes

    Figuring out proper values for WordPress image sizes takes a bit of effort, but it’s not rocket science. Whenever you upload an image to a WordPress site, the software generates several scaled copies of the image. Some are built-in to WordPress, some are defined by the theme used, or by plug-ins, while others can be […]

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  • WordPress without a web server

    WordPress without a web server

    In the almost two months we’ve spent in Coronavirus lockdown here in Venice, I’ve had the opportunity to get some of the old forgotten tasks done. During one of these I finally got around working with WordPress from the command line, and directly from PHP without running a web server. It is amazingly simple. My […]

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  • WordPress update failed to complete

    WordPress update failed to complete

    I have a bunch of sites running on a Debian multi-site setup. Managing it is normally simple. However, one day I activated automatic WordPress updates. Big mistake. The next minor WordPress update failed miserably, due to lack of permissions, and all the sites carried the message: There was no way of getting rid of the […]

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  • WordPress Hamilton Theme add-on

    WordPress Hamilton Theme add-on

    I’ve got several site running on the brilliant minimalistic Hamilton theme for WordPress. It is a free theme created by Anders Norén. The only thing I found missing was to be able to display posts and pages easily in the same way they appear on the blog posts page. After bit of experimenting, I came […]

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  • Comment spam

    I just went through the comment moderation queue on this blog, and there were four (4) valid comments out of 385 comments. Spam is such a pain that I can’t even imagine how it would be without comment moderation activated.

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  • Blog moved to WordPress

    I finally got my act together at moved this blog to WordPress. There’s still a few lose ends, some uploaded pictures are missing and will have to be added by hand, and the top graphic needs replacing. It’ll probably make a mess of those places using the feeds from here. Sorry about that.

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