Linux 2.6.7 on an Asus L8400C

I have installed the same Linux 2.6.7 kernel I use on my Asus M2N on my old Asus L8400C, and the result was much the same. It runs ok, but it only boots when the kernel is given the nolapic option.
The only negative thing is that the computer no longer powers down completely when turned off. It just prints “Power down” and sits there in a tight loop, and you have to turn off the power by keep the on/off button down for several seconds. It is a bit of a turn off 🙂
UPDATE (07 december 2004):
I’m not quite sure what happened, but poweroff now works, but the system restarts when I close the lid. There is some wakeup mechanism involved, which is weird, because the system is really powered down.


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