My ipod died on me

My ipod has just died – or almost died. Its a 160Gb ipod Classic I’ve been using all summer in Italy for listening to audiobooks. I had tried to add a few books from a Linux computer, and afterwards the ipod just said “No music” when I turned it on.

Apparently, Apple had been doing nasty stuff behind the scenes to keep people from using other programs than iTunes to update their ipods, only iTunes isn’t available for Linux and that was what I had available to me at the time.

My mac back home couldn’t restore the ipod (“Unknown error” – very helpful) and it couldn’t even reformat the drive, with some variation of “internal error” message. In the end I formatted it on the Linux computer, and put it back on the mac to reload my music and books. It went fine most of the way, but after a while the ipod emitted a loud ‘clonk’ and everything blocked on the mac. Back on Linux I scanned the ipod for errors and got a gazillion or two, so the disk in the ipod is dead. It can – for now – play what is on it, but it won’t last long.


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