Softphones – twinkle and linphone

I managed to damage the IP-telephony adapter I used to use, by plugging it to another units power supply, so I’ve been looking for something else, at least for the short term.
I have tried the two SIP based softphones Twinkle and Linphone.
Twinkle is a KDE application so it sits a bit awkward on my Gnome desktop, and gave a lot of warnings at startup, probably due the missing KDE environment. It also dragged in some 65+Mb of dependencies, as I don’t normally have alle the KDE libraries installed.
The softphone worked well, though. All I had to do was to enter my VoIP providers info as a SIP proxy, and I could place call to normal phones without any problems.
Linphone is a console and/or Gnome application with a much simpler interface than Twinkle. The Linphone docs talk mostly about making direct calls to other SIP phones, but again I just had to enter my VoIP providers info and I could place and receive calls immediately.
Linphone’s Gnome GUI looks like it could need some love, but the application does its job, and in the end thats what counts.
Its really a great experience when something that seems rather complicated turns out to be so easy.
Being used to Gnome I dumped Twinkle and kept Linphone.


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