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  • “Detourism” in Venice

    “Detourism” in Venice

    The City of Venice has a project they call “Detourism” supposedly promoting sustainable tourism in Venice. They describe it this way: Travel Venice like a local DETOURISM is a new project of the City of Venice for curious travellers who enjoy wander off the beaten path looking for the Venice most unusual and secret places […]

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  • The Gondola Zoo

    The Gondola Zoo

    As I was walking the dog this morning down in our campo, watching the gondolas being readied for the day, I hear one of the gondoliers moan “oh, here comes another group” and speedily retreat away from the boats. Shortly after they arrive, a group of 30-40 tourists, Russian sounding, probably from a cruise ship, […]

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  • Why Venice Residents Say “No” to Big Ships in The Lagoon | Italy Magazine

    This article covers most of what I tried to write in my previous post. http://www.italymagazine.com/featured-story/why-venice-residents-say-no-big-ships-lagoon

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  • Cruise invasion of Venice

    Cruise invasion of Venice

    This weekend some 28 cruise ships and ferries will arrive in Venice. On Sunday alone, 12 cruise ships will arrive, of which 8 are huge, all in all carrying over 40.000 passengers. This might all be good. After all, 40.000 passengers have money in their pockets, which means business for Venice. Its not all that […]

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  • Cyclists


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