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  • Repairing the s-ciopon

    Repairing the s-ciopon

    Our s-ciopon (a traditional Venetian wooden boat) is currently under repair. It started to take in a bit of water back in February, and as I was leaving for a short holiday, I had to take it out of the water. It’s been on land now for three months which is not good for a […]

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  • Martina rowing Venetian style

    Martina rowing Venetian style

    which is fair enough, as she’s Venetian. Video by René Seindal, music by Beethoven, Sonata no.8 performed by Daniel Veesey.

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  • Voga alla Valesana

    Voga alla Valesana

    There’s another type of Venetian rowing using two oars. It is probably less well know than the one oar type used in the gondolas of Venice. Voga alla valesana involves using two oars simultaneously, crossed. It can be quite tricky.

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  • Rowing in the Arsenale

    Rowing in the Arsenale

    We went rowing inside the area of the ancient navy docks of the Venetian Republic and took some videos. Here’s one of me rowing Venetian style, voga alla veneta, in our small sandolo.

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  • A day a-rowing

    A day a-rowing

    Last year we bought a small Venetian rowing boat, a s-ciopon, which is one of the smallest traditional Venetian boats. Usually I just fool around in the lagoon near the Certosa island, but yesterday I took it to Venice. I rowed over to the bus terminal at Piazzale Roma to pick up Martina at 19.30 […]

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  • S-ciopon


    Ever since I moved to Venice I have wanted to do more rowing Venetian style, voga alla veneta, where you row standing up and looking forward while pushing the oar, basically like you see the gondolas being rowed around Venice. When I lived on the Lido a few years back, I went rowing at the […]

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