S-ciopon - Fissures sealed

Repairing the s-ciopon

Our s-ciopon (a traditional Venetian wooden boat) is currently under repair.

It started to take in a bit of water back in February, and as I was leaving for a short holiday, I had to take it out of the water. It’s been on land now for three months which is not good for a forty years old boat.

With the warmer weather the wood has dried out and cracks and fissures have appeared.

The damages were beyond my meager woodworking skills, so I called in one of the local pros: Matteo Tamassia, an experienced and much sought after shipwright.

Matteo helped sort out the issues under the waterline. The boat has been cleaned, all the fissures caulked and sealed, after which the bottom has been primed and treated with antifouling.

Needless to say, it’s been interesting, and very instructive, to see a professional at work.


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