• A Roman boy in 1912

    A Roman boy in 1912

    I’m currently listening to a podcast on the Byzantine Empire, which is very interesting. An episode discussing the identity of the people of the Byzantine Empire mentioned a story of a little boy on an island that had been part of the Ottoman empire but was passing to Greece. A Greek soldier met a small…

  • Video of Berlusconi’s ‘compliment’ to Obama

    Video of Berlusconi’s ‘compliment’ to Obama

    The Guardian has a video of Berlusconi followed by a few interviews with ‘common’ Italians. Video: Italians rage at Silvio Berlusconi’s ‘racist’ Barack Obama comment The Repubblica has another one with clips from many countries. L’abbronzato fa il giro del mondo. The Corriere reports that Obama has called the leaders of all the G7 nations,…