Never ending misfortune

St. Goddard tunnel passedThe list of misfortunes during my journey in Italy last year keeps growing, even more than a month after my return to Denmark.

Today a Danish police officer called me at home to ask if I had been driving in Switzerland last autumn, as a fine for speeding down there had ended on his table. Apparently, I had been doing the normal 120 km/h on a stretch of motorway where there was a local limit of 80 km/h. There was little point in denying as he had some very nice photos of me 🙁

I have no idea how large the fine will be, but I will know when the Swiss police sends me the fine.

Here’s a scan of a photocopy of the photo:


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10 comments on “Never ending misfortune
  1. Borrasca says:

    Bad year for you Rene the 2007, and in the end, the Swiss Police send you the las Santa’s present…….. 🙁

    Don’t worry and Good luck on 2008.


  2. A year where you learn and grow is not a bad year, but I have certainly had my share of bad luck. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, it is said 🙂

  3. derrick says:

    hmmm, in the end it may be cheaper to hire a professional photographer! LOL! Man, some days it pours. 🙂

  4. And I’ll only get a photocopy of the photograph – not the real thing.

  5. silbs says:

    Oh,man, what an acute onset of reality. Sorry it keeps piling on, but think how funny it will be to recall these stories some time in the future (when you are no longer an international criminal:))

  6. Cailean says:

    The long arm of the law 😉

  7. Silbs, the problem is how long to wait before I can put on the rosy glasses.

    Long arm, indeed. Good thing they didn’t stop me down there, because I had lost all my documents in Germany, so no passport, driver’s license, registration papers, …

  8. bonnie says:

    Suddenly I have that American folksinger whose name I can’t recall’s song running in my head…

    Iiiiiii don’t want a nickle
    I just wanna ride my motorsikkle
    And iiiiiiii don’t wanna die
    I just wanna ride my motorcy

  9. Bonnie, that’s Arlo Guthrie from the Alice’s Restaurant album.

  10. bonnie says:

    Yes, that’s right, of course. Thanks!

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