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Never ending misfortune

The list of misfortunes during my journey in Italy last year keeps growing, even more than a month after my return to Denmark. Today a Danish police officer called me at home to ask if I had been driving in Switzerland last autumn, as a […]

Home at last

What’s the first thing to do when arriving at home after three months away?

Back in Denmark

I’m back in Denmark now. I started Thursday morning from the motel north of Würzburg, with frost on the motorcycle. Fortunately, it started promptly, but it was a cold start of the day.

Frozen motorcycle

When I started the thermometer on the dashboard showed 0° C, but as I moved northward it became milder, and most of the day I had 5-10° C and could put on a bit more speed.

The first time I had to get gasoline, I couldn’t open the gas tank lid. The key wouldn’t get all the way in. I had to warm the key in my hands to heat it enough to melt the droplet of ice in the lock.

I almost missed the exit towards Kassel, and did some fairly stupid manoeuvres at the exit to get back on track.

Close to Hamburg I saw a motorbike or large scooter on the motorway, but it turn off the motorway before I could have a look. It is the only two wheeler I have seen since I left Italy.

North of Hamburg it started to rain and it got dark, so I had to slow down again. I only had about 100 km to the border, so I just drove with the lorries at their speed.

I had rain and wet roads all the way up Jutland. My destination was Videbæk between Herning and Ringkøbing, which is were my wife works. The last 100 kms were on main roads in the countryside, which wasn’t a nice experience. The lorries drive fast there too, and when they pass you in the opposite direction, they create a forceful drag full of water droplets they lift from the wet road. Its like getting sprayed in the face with high pressure water.

Würzburg to Videbæk (850km):

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Now I’m relaxing a bit here in Jutland. It seems like I will be driving to Copenhagen on Tuesday, based on the weather forecasts. It’ll be the only day without too much rain and wind in the coming week.
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Cold and slow

I’m on my way back to Denmark. I started Monday from Rome and made it to Venice, where I had to wait for the next day to pick up my bag, and send a few things back to Palermo. Tuesday afternoon at 17:30 I was […]

Motorway day

I’m sitting in a very cheap hotel room, clean though, in Mestre. I’m here to pick up the stuff Wendy and I left here when we departed for Sardinia in September. Back them we expected to return on our way back north after a successful […]