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  • Never ending misfortune

    Never ending misfortune

    The list of misfortunes during my journey in Italy last year keeps growing, even more than a month after my return to Denmark. Today a Danish police officer called me at home to ask if I had been driving in Switzerland last autumn, as a fine for speeding down there had ended on his table.…

  • Home at last

    Home at last

    What’s the first thing to do when arriving at home after three months away?

  • Back in Denmark

    Back in Denmark

    I’m back in Denmark now. I started Thursday morning from the motel north of Würzburg, with frost on the motorcycle. Fortunately, it started promptly, but it was a cold start of the day. When I started the thermometer on the dashboard showed 0° C, but as I moved northward it became milder, and most of…

  • Cold and slow

    Cold and slow

    I’m on my way back to Denmark. I started Monday from Rome and made it to Venice, where I had to wait for the next day to pick up my bag, and send a few things back to Palermo. Tuesday afternoon at 17:30 I was back on the motorway heading home. The first part of…

  • Motorway day

    Motorway day

    I’m sitting in a very cheap hotel room, clean though, in Mestre. I’m here to pick up the stuff Wendy and I left here when we departed for Sardinia in September. Back them we expected to return on our way back north after a successful journey, but a capricious Fortuna wanted it otherwise. Tomorrow I…