won’t print with CUPS anymore

For some reason oowriter has decided it doesn’t want to print with CUPS anymore.
I had set up CUPS_SERVER to point to my home server, so I wouldn’t need to maintain a print setup on our laptops, and every other application prints nicely, but OOo.
In the print dialog the two CUPS printers are there, as expected, and when I print something, the progress dialog flashes briefly on the screen saying the job is being sent.
On the print server nothing ever arrives. There isn’t the slightest trace of any incoming print job.
The CUPS interface in Openoffice appears to be a Debian addition, so I have reported the bug there.
Currently, my workaround involves adding the line


to the start of /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice and not having a local CUPS server running.
If the environment variable CUPS_SERVER is set, OpenOffice will use that, otherwise if there is a CUPS server on the local computer, that will be used. By removing both options from OpenOffice, it will fall back to a generic PostScript printer interface. The only thing I have done there is to use oopadmin to set the correct command to send the job to my preferred printer.
I tried setting CUPS_SERVER to point to a non-existant host, but that caused OOo to hang during startup.
With the above workaround (I’m a bit loathe to call it a solution to the problem) I can print to my preferred printer, but I do not get any of the printer specific options, such as resolution, paper type or size, or whatever else the printer PPD might define.


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  1. This problem has been fixed in unstable and testing.

    I can now print without problems.

  2. mikado avatar

    in recent version system dialogs doesnt work …

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