Now I can roll 🙂

I’ve finally learned to roll solidly so it is now the exception that it fails rather than the other way around.

The roll that works best for me is a standard Greenland roll, or sweep roll. Until now I’ve only done it with my Greenland paddle, but I can do it to both sides, with and without the paddle extended. Tomorrow I have to try with the euro-paddle.

Until now I have mostly tried the C-to-C roll I have been taught here in Denmark, but it never got really solid. I succeeded maybe one time in two, and my second attempts were invariably worse than my first.

I’ve experimented a bit too with the floating technique Freya Hoffmeister taught in Spain, the balanced or static brace, but without much success. I can get down into the water and feel at bit of buoyancy but I inevitably sink. I’m probably doing something wrong, but fortunately it is only the beginning of spring so I have loads to time to practice alle these things in 🙂


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