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  • Pool sessions

    Pool sessions

    Yesterday I practised rolling in a pool for the first time in over two years. Its the first time for a long while I get some good rolling practise. My focus has been elsewhere, on touring in Sardinia, setting up a business in Venice, getting to know people and places in Venice, in general with […]

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  • The Rialto Roll

    Here’s a video of the rarely performed “Rialto Roll” 🙂

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  • Nigel Foster visit

    Nigel Foster visit

    Nigel Foster visited my local kayak dealer, Kajakhotellet.dk, on May 17th and 18th. I participated on the 18th. Nigel Foster is a very soft spoken man. He explains a thing, demonstrates it and sends us of to try it. At first this exercises were very simple, like edging the kayak to make it turn, but […]

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  • Less than impressive rolling demo

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  • Now I can roll 🙂

    I’ve finally learned to roll solidly so it is now the exception that it fails rather than the other way around. The roll that works best for me is a standard Greenland roll, or sweep roll. Until now I’ve only done it with my Greenland paddle, but I can do it to both sides, with […]

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