Surf at Marina di Arbus, Sardinia

Sicily and Sardinia 2007

Wendy Killoran and René Seindal will circumnavigate the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily in the autumn of 2007.

Canadian school teacher Wendy Killoran, who has circumnavigated the Canadian islands of Manitoulin Island, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, will join paddler René Seindal who speaks Italian fluently and is an avid sea kayaker, historian and website designer. They will indulge in the local cuisine, explore the shoreline communities and historical attractions and will investigate the affect of the Mediterranean Sea on the inhabitants along the shoreline and how the people affect the sea in return.

Each island has over 1000 kilometers of rugged shoreline and Wendy and René will document their journey through photography, video and by maintaining this blog.

The journey will start in Cagliari in late September with the circumnavigation of Sardinia, paddling north along the eastern coast of the island, passing the Strait of Bonifacio and then south along the western coast, hoping to gain from the prevalent NW winds on the western coast of Sardinia.

The trip from Cagliari to Palermo will be by ferry. Departing from Palermo, the journey continues westwards, passing Trapani, the Egadian Islands, and Marsala, and along the south coast of Sicily, passing Mazzaro del Vallo, Selinunte, Agrigento, Gela and Ragusa. The journey up the east coast of Sicily passes Syracuse, Catania, Taormina and Messina, with Etna dominating the horizon. From Messina the trip moves towards Milazzo, where a crossing to the Aeolian Islands with the two active volcanoes Vulcan and Stromboli will be attempted, weather permitting. After that detour the journey continues back to Palermo, where we expect to arrive around late November or early December.


7 responses to “Sicily and Sardinia 2007”

  1. corgimas avatar

    Hey Wendy
    have a great trip!
    keeping the hammock open for you!
    rob and betsy
    and the pups and cat

  2. Wendy Killoran avatar
    Wendy Killoran

    Hey Rob and Betsy,

    Thanks for your well wishes. I’ll keep the hammock in mind:-)

  3. Dan Hutt avatar

    Wendy & Rene, good luck on your exciting trip. I really look forward to your posts and photos. It will help make the summer seem longer for me!

    – Dan

  4. Kayak-QP avatar

    happy paddling to the both of you! can’t wait to keep up with the quest-peace&luv kqp

  5. Anonymous avatar

    goood luk from italy rom kayaker

  6. Have a Good and nice travel, and enjoy of this Mediterranean Island.

    Good Look to Two: Wendy and René.


  7. just saw your last post (you become famous when animals try to eat you). I’ll follow along. Am myself looking for the right type of island to paddle around. Good luck and have a happy and safe trip !!


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